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Comedy Hypnotist

Have you witnessed a good, comedy hypnotist act? If not, you owe to yourself to find an opportunity to do so. They are utterly hilarious, and can be entertaining to a broad range of comedy tastes.

Young or old, rich or poor, literally anyone with a sense of humor (and/or a sense of wonder) will find themselves entertained by a comedy hypnotist professional.

So what makes a good quality comedy hypnotist?

I think the following list of qualifications should be considered a must for any comedy hypnotist:

  1. First and foremost he (or she) should be a first class entertainer! Their top priority is the hypnosis piece of the act. The comedy should stem from the hypnosis, not the other way around.
  2. They absolutely need to maintain an air of professionalism. Their act just won’t be as entertaining if they appear less than professional.
  3. They need to be well-educated in the art of hypnosis. Audiences today are more sophisticated than ever before. They’ll see right through an act that tries to “wing it”.

With that list in mind, here are my two favorite comedy hypnotists:

Comedy Hypnotist #1: Tom Kruger,

Today Tom Kruger, is probably best known as a Minneapolis Stage Hypnotist. At the age of 18 he started learning stage hypnosis from some of the more famous names in the comedy hypnosis industry.

Though Tom gets many requests for his comedy hypnosis shows in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, he also performs his comedy hypnosis shows frequently across the Midwest and throughout the country.

In the last twenty years he has developed a razor sharp sense of comedic timing, which blends well with his well-developed hypnotic talents.

He has developed an innate understanding of how to make people feel good, both by watching and participating in his comedy hypnosis shows. This combination has made his performance, a favorite act for corporate, college and high school programs.

Tom says that being a talented stage hypnotist is only half of what putting on great stage hypnosis shows is all about. The other half is helping the client get what they want.

“Learning how to do stage hypnosis and throwing together some comedy hypnosis shows is easy, but it’s much more than just learning the skill.

If you are an entertainer you have to ask yourself, are you doing all you can to make the event both entertaining and successful? You can be an incredible stage hypnotist, but if you can’t entertain the crowd, if you haven’t done what you can to make your part of the event run smoothly.

if you haven’t made the client glad they hired you, then you really haven’t kept up your part of the bargain of being a professional hypnotist. I don’t want to be just a great comedy hypnotist. I want my clients to say that they had a great time for weeks or months after the event.”

Comedy Hypnotist #2: CJ Johnson

Johnson got his start at the Dakota Hypnosis Institute where he studied under one of the countries leading hypnotic trainers. He has since performed over 1000 shows for audiences as large as 20,000, and as intimate as 50.

He got his formal education at Texas A&M University where he majored in Construction Management. But it was his weekend job of performing magic that got him motivated to perform on a bigger stage, and to leave the construction career behind.

One effective aspect to CJ’s act is the use of almost 40 pieces of music in every show. Even the non-musical routines have appropriate background sounds giving the show a feeling of production that very few (if any) hypnotists offer.

In addition to his hilarious comedy shows, C.J. also has a lecture/keynote program called “The Power of Suggestion” that he presents to corporate groups and on college campuses.

It’s an entertaining look at the messages we give to ourselves on a daily basis and techniques on how to make sure those messages are empowering.

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