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How to Hypnotize Someone Without Them Knowing?

The power of hypnosis is mind-boggling. People are always caught unaware by something powerfully engaging such as mind hypnosis.

If you want to know some tips on how to hypnotize someone without them knowing? Well, here are some useful tips to know when engaging in hypnosis.

Create a blurred state of awareness

The most basic step on how to hypnotize someone on a particular subject is to project a blurred state of awareness. Make your audience feel relaxed and comfortable.

Using a relaxed tone will make them feel at ease. Create a blurred state of awareness by making your audience focus on a particular subject.

Then slowly build your hypnotic platform by using your facial expression, body language, tone of voice, and the words you utter help to prep the audience’s minds and slowly lulls them in a hypnotic trance.

Alter mind beliefs

This is also called the suggestion phase. This is where you unconsciously try to alter their mindset and insert hypnotic notions into their brains.

In this second step in how to hypnotize someone, unconsciously lulling them into a hypnotic trance is achieved by making their actions depend on what you say by subtly lodging ideas into their subconscious.

Carefully use language intonation and volume to your advantage. Body language also is an essential part of how to hypnotize someone. Nod your head or snap your fingers every time to reinforce a thought.

This way, your audience associates the act of nodding your head or snapping your fingers to a particular thought. This creates a sense of dependency and maximizes a hypnotic trance.

Establish a sense of amnesia

The third step in how to hypnotize someone is to set up a sense of amnesia. Creating a sense of dependency to you will slowly dull their minds.

Keep in mind that this step will not work out if you are trying to hypnotize yourself. Shower them with praises. Fully enforce the rhythmic use of body language and facial expressions to hypnotize a person.

Facial expressions reinforce your authority as the one in control. Make small careful movements as to not distract the audience from their trance. Initiate eye to eye contact and deepen the trance by introducing rhythmic deep breathing exercises.

Hypnotic Termination

After embedding ideas into your audience’s mind, the next and last step about how to hypnotize someone is the so-called hypnotic termination.

This is the gradual return to their mind state. Keep in mind to repeat that your audience is in control and has always been in control of their mind all throughout the entire hypnosis.

The most common hypnotic termination technique is counting backwards followed by a firm command of making the audience wake up from their trance. Instruct the audience to slowly open their eyes and adjust to the state after the hypnosis.

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